Louis Baker Captivated Sydney with an Intimate Performance

Last Tuesday evening, we knew we were in for a special treat when we found out Louis Baker was in town. Charming, polite and all-round-nice guy, Baker performed a relaxed solo set which allowed for his soulful tones to really shine. Playing at the intimate venue of Lazybones Lounge, Louis Baker allowed us into his world. Won't you come along with us?


It’s rare nowadays to find a single that can draw you in, tug at your heartstrings and give you goosebumps. So imagine when you find an artist that can provide a mixture of those feelings with every song he sings. Even better, when he can do it live.

I’ve experienced this feeling before with City and Colour. But it’s always great to experience that feeling again. And this time, it was felt through the live show of Louis Baker.

Last Tuesday evening, we knew we were in for a special treat when we found out the Red Bull Music Academy alumni was in town.

Playing at the Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville, Baker stepped up on stage with no-one else. Just him and his guitar; he wanted to “start things slow” and then get more upbeat, and so with that, he opened with his hit single, ‘Birds’.

Louis Baker captured the attention of the entire Sydney audience in that intimate venue and admitted that he didn’t really like the big stages; that “this is all you’re gonna get. So if you were expecting something bigger, well..”

Well, no-one did and I appreciated the smaller setting even more because of his confession. To hear just his voice against the strums of his guitar, was all that was needed.

Baker’s set overall provided a relaxed vibe that showcased the beauty and power of his solo performance as well as allowing his soulful vocals to shine. Although alone on stage, Baker is not content with simply entertaining his audience, rather, he craves audience participation – vocals, foot-tapping, clapping – and the crowd was always keen to accept his invitation. Just watch the video above.

Charming, polite and all-round-nice guy, Baker performed a set which included a couple of covers from the greats (i.e. ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince and ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye), his new single, The Way, and a handful of new tracks including ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Gave It All Away’, some of which will be released next year, before closing with ‘Get Back’.

The above video is a big highlight for me – being able to see him perform this song live – was the icing on the cake. This is the second time I’ve seen Louis Baker perform live, but ‘Movin” is the song that made me become a fan of his music, and it’s the first time I’ve seen him perform it live.

Another song which really caught my attention was ‘Fade’; a new single which he wrote after a live show he did in UK/Europe (I don’t remember which). His performance was over and he had performed all the songs he had in his set list, but the audience wanted more. They wanted an encore. But Baker did not have any more songs to sing, so he wrote one on the spot. A few days later, he went into the Red Bull Music Studios and wrote the song properly with other people and the result was this beautiful song that is quickly becoming my new favourite song. I can’t stop listening to it. Catch a snippet of it below where he performed it live for the first time.

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With equal parts uplifting, tear-inducing, and goosebumps against your bare skin, Baker’s live show showcased his achingly raw lyrics intertwined with rich melodies and emotive vocal tone which all came together flawlessly that Tuesday night.

Looking forward to the next time Louis Baker graces the Sydney stage again.

Louis Baker – The Way Tour
Tue 24 November
Lazybones Lounge
294 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville

Louis Baker x the5to9life