David Dallas Has Plenty of Things to Say with His New Single

Arguably the biggest innovator in hip-hop New Zealand has seen in two decades, David Dallas has sold out shows across New Zealand, Australia and the United States, released three chart topping albums,; and now after an 18-month hiatus, he is finally make with something new. Check out 'Don't Rate That'.

David Dallas returns with new single ‘Don’t Rate That’, with plenty of things to say.

Produced by Fire & Ice and recorded at Red Bull Studios, ‘Don’t Rate That’ explores the social issues troubling New Zealand, from loan sharks to foreign buyers, media and xenophobia.

Dallas has dropped a lyrically hard-hitting track after a long period of about 18 months with no new music released, so anyone in his position would have a lot to say, right?

“We don’t rate that shit
I’m coming with the ace real quick
Do it big time like my breakthrough clip
Never been on that only god can save you tip
If I could tell the kids one thing, tell ’em
See the world, book a flight
It might just change you quick
What you read don’t make you shit
What you do does
And it’s all about crew love
Never rated dudes that forget where they grew up
All we do is do us”