Sydney Celebrated the ‘Day of the Dead’ in a Secret Warehouse

The 'Day of the Dead' is a 4,000 year old Mexican tradition with an increasing influence on modern art and culture. The 5 to 9 Life received tickets as a passport to a contemporary expression of this extraordinary festival in Sydney last weekend. We sent guest writer Marie Nguyen to attend and join in on all the action. Check out her review.

Day of the Dead in Sydney

With the alluring features of brightly coloured skulls, flower crowns and the promise of a secret
warehouse party, the Day of the Dead was an event that simply could not be missed.

Headpieces and face painting was encouraged as well as costumes to honour the loved ones who have passed and to celebrate the living. Not knowing much about the ancient festival myself, the event was met with curiosity and excitement – and it did not disappoint.

Upon entering the dark warehouse, we were confronted with an enormous skull illuminated by bright lights in front of a raging stage featuring different DJ’s and a Mexican band – featuring a giant harp and all.

Day of the Dead in Sydney_2

Day of the Dead in Sydney_3

People were streaming in at this point, each person with a unique outfit and decorative Day of the Dead facial design. In case you were lacking artistic skill or courage (to walk around in public with a skull or flowers painted on your face in the absence of kids), there were make-up artists ready and waiting to collaborate on the perfect interpretation of art for your face. Headpieces were also available, with a large selection of flowers such as gerbera daisies and marigolds for choice. You were able to commemorate your departed loved ones by writing their names on pieces of ribbon attached to vibrant marigold flowers also.

Day of the Dead in Sydney_4

Live street art was being completed before your very eyes as well as a display of Mexican inspired art for viewing. Vivid colours and designs from neon lights, large artworks and pop up food stalls
flooded the dark venue giving it a very unique feel. Also, something else to give us those good feels were the cocktails, which were brimming with Herradura tequila and other liquors that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside as we danced the night away..

*Words and photography by Marie Nguyen.

Day of the Dead in Sydney_5

Day of the Dead
27 October 2015
Secret Warehouse (Fox Studios)