Music Meets Art with Little May

To celebrate the release of their album, Little May put together an exhibition #Art4TheCompany, where the trio engaged 11 of their favourite local artists to create an artwork of any medium, inspired by a selected track from their album. Our writer Claire Benito made her way down to GoodSpace in Sydney's Chippendale to catch all the action.

Little May's #Art4TheCompany Exhibition

There is this wonderful phenomenon in life when two awesome things merge and make something even more awesome, e.g. The Cronut.

The same can be said of Little May‘s Art For The Company exhibition at Goodspace, Chippendale.

Little May's #Art4TheCompany Exhibition_2

Little May's #Art4TheCompany Exhibition_3

Little May selected 11 of their favourite artists and asked them to create a piece of artwork inspired by a selected track from their debut album “For the Company”.

On the night of their album launch, they exhibited each artwork alongside an iPad listening booth where you could put on a pair of headphones, listen to the track, read the lyrics and view the musically inspired artwork.

I thought that the likes of Spotify and other music streaming apps had killed the old school way I used to listen to music: I would rush to the CD store, buy my album, take it home, put my headphones on, start Track 01, read the lyrics and admire the album artwork.

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Little May's #Art4TheCompany Exhibition_5

In a lovely modern way, Little May revived that appreciation of music, lyrics and artwork I thought had been lost in the streaming age. The modern shout-out to old-school is also how I’d describe Little May’s album itself. They’ve weaved modern harmonies and thumping percussion, haunting Cat Power-esque vocals into a lively, folksy grunge that is kind of 90s in a good way – like the darker, mysterious alter egos of Haim. Just like how watching a music video can influence your impression of a song, it was an interesting experience listening to each song and seeing how an artist had transformed it into a visual.

It’s also a genius way to get artists working collaboratively with musicians and to amp up mutual inspiration across genres.

Art inspires music, music inspires art, ad infinitum.

Words and photography by Claire Benito.

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Little May
#Art4TheCompany Exhibition / Album Release Party
Good Space Gallery (above The Lord Gladstone Hotel in Chippendale, Sydney)
Thursday 1 October