Gabrielle Aplin Lights Up The Dark with ‘Sweet Nothing’

Definitely some Feist vibes in this fun video for British singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin, directed by Joe Conner. Lovin' the scene of synchronised drummers. Watch and see for yourself. :)

It must be hard to be a new artist entering the music industry these days.

With the internet introducing a new artist pretty much every week, it must be difficult for one to stand out in the crowds; with either a new sound, a refreshing look or just a damn good song.

Luckily, newcomer Gabrielle Aplin possesses all of those things with her new single, ‘Sweet Nothing’ mixing airy sounds with added layers of old synths, experimental microphones, and guitars.

The single is infectious and invigorating, and is a must-add to your playlist.


‘Sweet Nothing’ is taken from her album, “Light Up The Dark”, out now.