Dua Lipa Shows Us Why She Could ‘Be The One’

There's been plenty of talk of newcomer Dua Lipa on the interwebs of late - and it's all for good reason. The London-born artist's new single, 'Be The One', is like a celebration of colourful, dynamic pop, with a raw edginess to it. It's a single worth listening to. Check it out.

Sometimes when you listen to a pop song, it’s the upbeat melody that will distract you from the lyrical content. But as a writer, it’s the lyrics that tend to grab my attention.

Dua Lipa’s new single represents just that, where the words take you on an emotional and vulnerable ride, hitting you right in the core.

‘Be The One’ is a breezy, effortless pop number that Dua Lipa describes as [a song of] “self-belief, perseverance, and fighting for what you want.”

The accompanying clip sees her frolicking through fields and riding through the streets of London, complementing the record seamlessly.

Not a fool
I’m not a fool
Not a fool
No you’re not fooling anyone