Do You Know A ‘Polished Man’?

To all the fellas who read The 5 to 9 Life, are you brave enough to paint one fingernail every day for the first 15 days of October and become a 'Polished Man'? That's the challenge being laid down by Australia's YGAP CEO, Elliot Costello, as he continues his endeavour of raising funds to support children affected by violence with a new campaign that started today. The 5 to 9 Life team was invited to attend the Sydney launch of this important campaign and here's our report of what went down on that Wednesday balmy evening.

I’ve always been a charitable person; donating to various charities, feeding the homeless or just trying to give back wherever possible. It’s not something I tend to write about because it’s something I do for me; a personal trait that I keep within, and rarely share with others.

So it came as a surprise when I received an invitation whilst on my recent travels to save the date for a campaign that brought to the surface an important message that desperately needed attention.

Polished Man, a YGAP initiative, is a fundraising campaign that challenges men to end violence against children, including sexual and physical violence. This is a global problem and a reality in Australia. Men appear to be the primary perpetrators of physical violence against children, which is why the Polished Man campaign invites men to paint one nail to represent the 1 in 5 children affected by violence before the age of 18.”

I Scream Nails and Dan the Man_Polished Man Sydney Launch

Last Wednesday evening was the Sydney launch of the official Polished Man campaign, hosted in the new Oscar Hunt Tailors showroom on York St, with a delicious spread of boards filled with charcuterie, cheese, antiplasti and chocolate by Dan the Man; which of course was accompanied by free-flowing glasses of wine, Pelligrino water and for the Polished Men, a few choices of cold beer.

Guests were also invited to have one nail painted at the nail bar, chosen from a menu of designs and intricately painted on by I Scream Nails.

Whilst it was more of an intimate affair than most other launch nights I’ve been to, I think it turned out to a great thing; because often times, speeches and announcements are made over quiet conversations and a DJ playing softly in the background.

Elliott Costello and Tai Hara_Polished Man Sydney Launch

But not this time. When the speeches were made by founder Australia’s YGAP CEO, Elliot Costello, YGAP’s representative Kylie Wallace and Sydney ambassador Tai Hara; each message was made loud and clear to those in the showroom about how and why this campaign started, and why we should get involved.

“Costello was inspired to launch the Polished Man after a visit to YGAP’s project partner Hagar International3 in Cambodia. One evening, he met a young girl named Thea, due to their language barrier they couldn’t communicate but could play games. At the end of the evening, Thea drew a heart on Elliot’s palm and painted all his fingernails blue.

“The following day, Costello heard how Thea came to be in Hagar’s care. When she was eight, her father, the family’s sole provider, passed away, and her mother sent Thea to an orphanage, hoping to give her safe refuge. She received anything but a safe place to live: Thea was physically and sexually assaulted on a daily basis for two years by the orphanage’s Director.

“Even though he felt uncomfortable wearing nail polish at first, Costello found that it created the perfect opportunity to talk about the important issue of ending violence against children. Each Polished Man has the opportunity to raise the same question: ‘Why is the majority of violence against children committed by men, and how can we end this violence?’

Tai Hara at the Polished Man Sydney Launch

A great event in my opinion with lots of laughter, food, alca-mahol, friends, new connections.. oh, and a free bottle of nail polish. 🙂

Captured by Kelvin Zeini from OLACHKA Photography
Captured by Kelvin Zeini from OLACHKA Photography

The official Ambassadors for Polished Man 2015 include: Chris Judd, Andy Murphy, Aaron Finch, Adrian Leijer, Benson Saulo, Braith Anasta, Dan Churchill, Dan Sultan, Daniel Rich, David Astbury, Fabian Coulthard, Gyton Grantley, Hamish McLachlan, Jobe Watson, Josh Gibson, Lehmo, Luke Jones, Mark Philippoussis, Michael Klim, Michael Slater, Nathan Joliffe, Nick Kommer, Paul Wilson, Richard Branson, Ry Craike, Ryan Ginns, Sam McMilan, Steve Price, Tai Hara, Tim Watson, Tommy Little, Tony Richardson, Travis Burns, Waleed Aly, Ed Lower, Luke Stedman, Josh Perry, Travis Cloke.

Yiew! To accept the challenge and become a ‘Polished Man’ by painting one nail to raise funds to support the 1 in 5 children affected by violence globally; head to for all the details.

Special thanks to Kylie, Hayley and the team at YGAP behind the #POLISHEDMAN initiative.