Alexa Chung Investigates How Social Change Can Help the Fashion Industry Progress (Ep 5)

How do you get your foot in the fashion door when you’re coming from a slightly different perspective? What’s the influence of social media on fashion? Alexa Chung investigates this in episode 5 of the Future of Fashion series

From the director of “Dior and I” to the man who threw a fashion protest to get his work noticed on the streets of Paris, this week Alexa Chung investigates fashion from a different perspective.

Is fashion art?
Should it be taken more seriously?
What effect does gender have at the very top of the industry?

Chung visits three very different industry insiders in the form of Frédéric Tcheng, Simon Porte Jacquemus and Clare Waight Keller to find out.

Catch the fifth installment above and tune in next week for the final episode of this fabulous web-series. Sad face.