Alexa Chung Discovers What Fashion Buying and Trend Forecasting Is (Ep 4)

What does a buyer do? How does trend forecasting work? How did Paul Smith become Paul Smith? These questions and more are answered in the fourth installment of Alexa Chung's fashion web-series, 'The Future of Fashion'. Check it out.

Alexa Chung and British Vogue have been lifting the lid on the fashion industry with the 6-part web series, “The Future of Fashion”.

In the fourth installment, Chung visits with designer Paul Smith to discover how he came to be the powerhouse designer that he is today; and discusses how he keeps the label relevant and commercially successful without compromising his traditional techniques.

The second interview leads Chung to Selfridges, the famous London department store to speak with Judd Crane, the store’s director of womenswear and accessories about what it takes to become a buyer. The two also talk about the importance of understanding your customer and appreciating the behavioral elements of fashion.

Last but not least, Chung introduces us to Lauretta Roberts, the director of brand for WGSN, a leading trend-forecasting company, whom sheds some light on trend-forecasting or anticipating fashion trends.

“Fashion used to be really top-down. It used to be whatever someone in Paris said it was – that is what it was. And now, it’s kids on the street. [Because of social media] they are much more influenced peer-to-peer than from what any couture designer would tell them.” – Roberts.