How to Break into the Fashion Industry with Alexa Chung (Ep 1)

If anyone knows how to win in the fashion industry, it’s Ms Alexa Chung. Her new web series on how to break into the industry on is required viewing for anyone aiming to be on that front row in future seasons. Is that you?

If you’re a fashion fanatic, you’ve probably heard of the name Alexa Chung.

And if you love your fashion as much as the next person, you’ve probably wondered – at least once in your life – what it would take to break into the fashion industry.

Well, Chung has read your mind and teamed up with British Vogue to bring a new webseries, entitled “The Future of Fashion”, covering exactly that.

I, myself, have been to enough fashion events for The 5 to 9 Life to know that it’s an industry I do not belong in. And that’s totally fine; because in the case of ‘if you didn’t know, now you know’, the fashion industry is cut-throat.

In saying that, if you still want to find out “How to Break into the Fashion Industry”, click play on the video above.

In episode one, the TV personality discusses the future of UK fashion, and meets acclaimed Scottish designer Christopher Kane, who waxes lyrical about the benefits of internships and the importance of the business partnership he has with his sister and co-creative director, Tammy.