Ali Barter’s ‘AB-EP’ is a Fine Line Between Haunting and Haunted

Ali Barter! The up and coming Aussie artist has just been announced as an artist on the coveted Laneway 2016 line-up and she'll be playing a couple of shows around the country to launch her new EP, 'AB-EP'. Our writer Claire Benito shares her thoughts on the record and will be attending the record launch next month. Keen to join her? Click on through for the details and her thoughts.

She’s kind of a sorceress, that Ali Barter. This is what I think after listening to her new EP – “AB-EP”.

I see her vanishing and appearing, in and out of different decades, trapping melodies, stealing
memories, and weaving them into her own eclectic yet harmonious sound. Her voice treads a fine
line between haunting and haunted. You find yourself following the notes of her synths that tell
stories of motion – you feel like you’re running, then drifting, then running again.

These are the three songs that I have on repeat:

1. Blood

This song is like the morning – none of that birds chirping, flute-trilling stuff. It’s a stifled electronic buzz that mimics the haze of your brain, that suddenly rises into sharpness and clarity – jangly guitars, heartbeats, psychedelic explosion.
“No, your blood don’t get me high, no.”
It mimics waking; the confusion, remembering dreams, thinking about the day ahead, daring you to make something out of it.

2. I Ask For So Little

Two words: Nineties cowgirl.
I see a girl, straight shooter, the “fella done me wrong” type, about to ride off into an instagram-filtered haze.
“Do you know my love’s for free? Do as I say and I’ll promise I’ll never leave.”
She’ll go down, guns blazing. It’s the tough girl act before a girl falls in life. The indignant moment before she admits she’s a slave to her heart.

3. It’s Not Real

It’s probably not right to pick favourites, but this is mine. It may be due to the fact that it starts sounding like Thom Yorke is calling to you from the end of a tunnel somewhere, beckoning for you to follow. But what I really love about this song is Ali’s beautiful harmonies and how they seem to overlay with the meaning of the song.

“Love you more? Love you less? Leave you cold? Out of breath? Give me smoke. Give me fire. Tell me more. Tell me lies.”
It’s like the different harmonies are different split selves – anxious self-talk, advice to herself, from the past, from the future, voices banding together in a collected warning.

Ali Barter_AB-EP

Check out AB-EP today!

Words by Claire Benito.
Front cover photo from Ali Barter’s Facebook page.

**UPDATE:** Ali Barter is a confirmed artist on the coveted Laneway 2016 bill!! Woohoo!
Wanna see her before then? Check her out in Sydney and Melbourne at one of her following shows:

Thursday 08 Oct – Howler Melbourne VIC
Co-headline show with Ben Wright Smith
7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

Saturday 10 Oct – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW
Co-headline show with Ben Wright Smith
77 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW

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