Alexa Chung Explores ‘How Do You Become a Fashion Designer? (Ep 2)

Ready for another fantastic 10 minutes of Alexa Chung talking fashion? Good - us, too. Her second episode of 'The Future of Fashion' was just released, and it doesn't disappoint.

Thinking of working in fashion, but don’t know where to start?

After speaking with the Google team, Alexa Chung found that one of the most googled (career) questions in regards to fashion was ‘How Do You Become a Fashion Designer?’

So, Chung and her team decided to go out and investigate the answer to that exact question in the second episode of “The Future of Fashion” web series.

In this episode, “Chung heads to the classroom at Central St. Martins where she meets students at the start of their fashion careers and chats with up-and-coming designer Molly Goddard to learn about the creating an upcoming clothing brand.”

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