Mos Def Goes All In On New Single ‘Sensei on the Block’

Nearly four years after Mos Def announced that he was retiring his name and becoming Yasiin Bey, the rapper has dusted off his old moniker for 'Sensei on the Block,' a surprise collaboration between the rapper and producer Ski Beatz. Check it out now. You won't be disappointed. Trust.

Mos Def - Sensei on the Block

Mos Def is back yo.

Despite seeing him perform at SOULFEST Melbourne last year performing a live set; I’m sure the rest of the world has been waiting for the artist now known as Yasiin Bey to drop some new new, and he’s finally done that with ‘Sensei on the Block’, choosing to release the single and reviving his moniker Mos Def.

Yes, yes.

The track, which appeared online this week with little warning, finds Mos – whose output has slowed in recent years – spitting an impressive, effortless flow packed with voluminous wordplay over Ski Beatz’s lurking drum-heavy production. ‘Sensei on the Block’ also features the influential hip hop artist singing the hook from Joe Esposito’s ‘You’re the Best,’ a song off “The Karate Kid” soundtrack.

Perhaps this single is a teaser of a larger project in the works? Fingers crossed.

Funky drummers
Daughters and sons
Elders and youngers
To measurement put y’all in numbers