Golden Rules Tells Us What’s Behind The (Ultimate) Golden Ticket

Being in a long distance relationship can be pretty tough, so imagine what it must be like for two creative artists from two different countries to collaborate together to create a unique sound to share to the world through their debut album. Golden Rules consists of UK beat maker extraordinaire Paul White and emcee/singer Eric Biddines and together they've not only formed our favourite new act of 2015 but also served up one of our fave records of the year so far. Collectively, the Golden Rules sound transcends the traditional music genres you'll hear on commercial radio today and that's exactly what intrigued me to find out more about them. Check out our interview with Golden Rules.

If you’re constantly on the hunt for new music, particularly that of a hip-hop, soul, and funk fusion of sounds then it’s likely you’ve heard of new duo Golden Rules.

It’s even more likely that you’ve heard of the duo behind Golden Rules moreso for their individual work – Paul White and Eric Biddines – so can you imagine how an entire record of these two talented minds coming together would sound like?

The 5 to 9 Life was able to grab some time out with South London producer Paul White and Florida emcee Eric Biddines aka Golden Rules to discuss their new album, how their collaboration came about, and their lucky chance of working with Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def).

1. Introduce yourselves.
Paul: Yo. I’m Paul White from London; I’m the producer.
Eric: What’s up, I’m Eric Biddines from Florida; I’m the rapper/singer.

An Interview with Golden Rules

2. Take us back to the beginning – where did the idea for Golden Rules come about and how did you go about getting in the studio together to make it all happen?
Paul: After hearing “Planet Coffeebean2” I really wanted to work with Sir Biddines, we hooked up online, beats got sent to him and boom pretty quick we had a quarter of the album done. Eric then came to London and we got in the studio here in London, and boom again the album was nearly done! We then polished things off again online, it was a real natural process. [From there] “Golden Ticket” was born!
Eric: I was familiar with Paul White’s production from the work he did with Danny Brown. They randomly sent me over a few beats, I wrote to all of them, sent them back, and was on a flight out to London to do more work.

3. You both are influenced and started from different musical backgrounds – how would you describe the sound of Golden Rules?
Paul: Soulful progressive hip-hop inspired funk!
Eric: An innovative fusion of two completely different galaxies that contrast perfectly. We speak the same musical language of course.

4. Which artists/musicians/producers have influenced you both to create this sound?
Paul: Funkadelic, Miroslav Vitous, King Crimson, Marvin Gaye, Motown, to name a few.
Eric: Luther Vandross, Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob. Freedom was a big inspiration also.

An Interview with Golden Rules_Paul White

5. What can fans and new audiences expect from your debut album, “Golden Ticket”?
Paul: Adventure, Heart, Soul, Funk, Feeling, Humour, and a positive message.
Eric: They can expect something new. They can expect to hear truth and honesty. Along with balance.

6. The only guest spot on your record is the one and only Yasiin Bey. How did that collaboration come about and what was that experience like working with him?
Paul: Big up Ben at Because for the hook up; the experience was great, working with a hero of ours, it was easy, natural, and we feel he fit perfectly. We got a bonus cut of that track with another special guest, but we’ll leave that as a surprise for now.
Eric: It was beyond amazing. I didn’t believe it until I heard it. Outside of it being a great verse, I think we were just as excited that he liked the record and wanted to be a part of it.

An Interview with Golden Rules_Eric Biddines

7. Are there any other artists/musicians you hope to work with in the near future?
Paul: We hope to work with a few more artists for sure, but again we’ll leave that as a surprise.
Eric: Musicians are definitely something I know we want to collaborate with – either incorporating rare instrumentalists into songs or on the live show aspect. Definitely keep an eye open for that.

8. If a “Golden Ticket” really did exist, what would you like it to come with?
Paul: A self-fill in sheet of what you want your own Golden Rule in life to be, then a dove will come pick it up, fly it away to a secret land, and your Golden Rule will be on its way to you via the universe.
Eric: I shouldn’t say this but…A Golden Ticket does exist. Only the person who finds it knows what it includes. It’s unique to every person. I’ve already said too much…

9. How/what/where do you seek out creative inspiration?
Paul: In everyday life, your own experiences, the inspiration comes to you, inspiration is everywhere and everything.
Eric: I can seek out inspiration in a cup of coffee. Or change in weather or scenery. I draw in external energy pretty easy. The only way for us to not be inspired is being placed in a box. Or not moving.

An Interview with Golden Rules_2

10. How have your live shows been so far, and is there any chance you’ll be
bringing your live performance down under?

Paul: Live shows have been great, we have a lot of fun, hopefully we’ll be on our way over to you guys down under real soon!
Eric: I love our live shows. It’s something different for the both of us because we are used to doing it solo. Now we can kinda lean on each other. And I’m sure we will be down there sooner than you think!

“Golden Ticket” is out NOW.

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