Gigi Hadid Portrays Herself in ‘Those Wrecked By Success’

In an exclusive collaboration with V Magazine, Sebastian Faena debuts his first film series starring Gigi Hadid as an actress waking up the morning after winning her first Oscar, in a 7-minute short film, titled 'Those Wrecked By Success'.

20-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid has made her acting debut in a 7-minute short.

Hadid plays a fantasy version of herself in a new short film titled “Those Wrecked by Success”.

Hadid’s acting debut projects to a glorious, but somewhat tainted future, four years from now, in which she claims the ‘Oscar for Best Actress’, aged 24, beating competition from Felicity Jones and Reese Witherspoon.

The strangely simple and regular morning after maybe her biggest success to date as a young actress results in an interesting mood of the film. The short lacks any kind of dialogue and rather opted for a voiceover of the actresses acceptance speech from the ceremony the night before, but Hadid provides a sobering look at the unseen side of celebrity.

Watch it above.