Tori Kelly Thinks It ‘Should’ve Been Us’

Cali singer-songwriter Tori Kelly is busy promoting her debut album Unbreakable Smile, which debuted last month at number two on the Billboard 200. Not bad, right? For those who don't know her, it's time for you to be introduced to this under-rated artist with a gorgeous, stunning vocal range. Trust.

A lot of people discovered the beautiful tones of Ms Tori Kelly when she took the stage at the 2015 BET Awards to sing a tribute to the great Smokey Robinson late last month.

Twitter went on fire with many asking, who is this (white) girl?

That’s a mistake by the way. For the record, Tori Kelly is not a white girl. She’s mixed – Jamaican, Peurto Rican, Irish and German. Interesting mix, right?

I’ve known about Tori for over a year, but it was more for her pop-rocky-type records than the soul side that she gave us on the BET stage.

But whatever genre it is, the girl can sing. And she can sing live. But whether it’s live or in the recording studio, one thing’s for sure: her voice is absolutely stunning.

Decipher the lyrics of her latest single, ‘Should’ve Been Us’, and you’ll soon discover that despite the poppy melody, the song is rather deep, focusing on a relationship that completely went sour. A subject many of us can relate to..

Tori Kelly is very much an under-rated artist. Add her to your radar NOW and grab a copy of her debut album, Unbreakable Smile. You won’t regret it.