Oddisee Brings ‘The Good Fight’ to NPR and Australia

Rapper-producer Oddisee doesn't need a whole lot of words to make a statement. But with his latest record, 'The Good Fight' it's the words that he's used to tell stories through his lyrics and songwriting that really make an impact. Check out when he visited the NPR office recently and find out details of when he'll be visiting our shores.

Rapper Amir Elkhalifa, better known as Oddisee, is a story-teller.

Through his lyrics, he isn’t necessarily talking about drugs and murder like most rappers are these days. Oddisee is part of a new crop of artists who are returning to the early roots of hip-hop and delivering stories that we can relate to through his songwriting.

The charismatic rapper’s new album, “The Good Fight”, is a reminder that “music comes before hip-hop; that music can trigger indescribable feelings; that music is a meditation on our capacity to love; and, finally, that our ambition and greed are in constant conflict with our sense of propriety.”

Something that is hard to find these days.

Oddisee recently visited the office of NPR to perform a few tracks from his new record for their Tiny Desk Concert series and as you’ll watch/listen above and or try to decipher his lyrics, you’ll see exactly what I mean in regards to him being a great storyteller that goes above the usual topics.

Also, some good news for Australia is that Oddisee is returning to our shores at the end of the year to perform a handful of shows! Head to grindin.net to find out all the details.

Oddisee Australian Tour 2015

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Set List
“That’s Love”
“Contradiction’s Maze”
“Belong To The World”