Melbourne Producer Dizz1 Gives You ‘What You Want’

Melbourne beatmaker Dizz1 has returned with some new heat off his latest record "In Sickness and In Health'. Known for the "feeling" he creates, check out Dizz1's on-point production of his new single, 'What You Want' featuring Killbot Kindergarten and Detroit's Frank Nitt.


^^All that and a bag of chips.

Seriously, this is how I feel about Dizz1‘s new tune featuring alternative R&B duo Killbot Kindergarten and legendary Detroit MCs Frank Nitt.

Melbourne producer, turntablist and drum-kit expert Dizz1 has created a rare sound of peculiar hip-hop beats layered with crisp percussions, heavy drums, and smooth bass lines.

‘What You Want’ is a funk and electro-infused track delivering a crisp and refreshing sound.

The single is from Dizz1‘s latest record, “In Sickness and In Health”, which also features the likes of Aloe Blacc, Motely, Candice Monique, Sadat X, Om’Mas Keit, Ali Fern, Rucl, Warrior Queen, Tame One and Spike Tee.

In Sickness and In Health” is out now.