Lucy Mason Is Leaving You Behind In ‘Seas of Grey’

With a universal appreciation for music beyond the confines of conformity, Sydney-born/London-based singer-songwriter Lucy Mason has carved her own progressive niche of honest sounds and harmonies, and the depth of textures demonstrated in her new material only serves to enhance her brilliant consistency of tone. Check out her new single, 'Seas of Grey'.

Introducing Sydney-born, London-based singer/songwriter Lucy Mason.

Mason has an evocative and piercing voice that will surely reel you in.

Her new single, ‘Seas of Grey’ is a light electronic-infused dark-pop tune filled with emotional lyrics, reminiscent of such artists as Feist and Florence Welch.

The electronica element in this is the real driving force though, one that packs a fairly dark punch.

The new single is off Lucy Mason’s four track “All You Want” EP, out now.