Daye Jack Wants To Know, Is It ‘Easy’?

Still considered a teenager to some, 19-year-old up-and-coming rapper Daye Jack still has a lot of time on his side. Time to ponder about the meaning of life and whether the road he's taking is the one less travelled. I don't mean to sound like a Robert Frost poem, but that's how Daye Jack's songwriting has me thinking - a chill tune with an energetic and poetic flow. Listen to his single, 'Easy' now.

Pronounced die-yay, Daye Jack was born in Nigeria and raised in Atlanta, a background that clearly shapes his perspective and influences his music.

Last month, Jack released his debut EP “Soul Glitch”, which features the single ‘Easy’.

Whilst this is the first I’m hearing of Daye Jack, the 19-year-old rapper has been impressing the world over with his clever wordplay and distinct voice, both of which are evident in ‘Easy’.

Southern California producer Question provides a soulful beat that flawlessly fits with Daye Jack‘s slick flow.

“Is it easy? (Walkin’ out on the 9 to 5)
Is it easy? (When it’s time to grind)”

If you’re in the same boat as me, and not that familiar with him just yet, I believe that ‘Easy’ is the perfect introduction for both you and I.

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