Do I really need to say much more? We all know who the artist behind the song is, and within minutes of hearing the single, I bet that hook was stuck in your head. Am I right? Click through to see Rihanna's new NSFW video.

“Like brrap, brrap, brrap”

I bet you already knew that this video was going to be good, didn’t you?

The single itself has been making the rounds since its release with pretty much every blog posting about that particular choreographed video, Kelly Clarkson’s cover or Rihanna’s prank on Jimmy.

Wherever you first heard ‘BBHMM’ (Learn this acronym. Live it. Love it.), you’re about to hear it and watch it a whole lot more after seeing the official video above.


Ever since the video surfaced online yesterday, there have been questions about whether the concept of her video is a true story..

And rumour has it.. Well, last year, Rihanna won a multimillion-dollar settlement from her shady accountant. Last night, she exacted revenge on a fictional accountant by kidnapping his wife in a music video.

So, what’s your verdict?