B. Miles Could Light Up A Dark Room with ‘Nine Matches’

Los Angeles crooner B. Miles goes for a dark, electro-pop vibe, bringing synth pop to the limelight. And her new single, 'Nine Matches' gives us a tune that is the essence of melancholy and yearning. Check it out.

If you enjoy a soft-sounding, soulful female vocalist, then be sure to take a good listen to B.Miles, a brand-new, incredibly promising artist out of Los Angeles.

Don’t worry if you’re familiar with her work, because I’m in the same boat, having only just been introduced to her via her new single, ‘Nine Matches’, an exceptional song that showcases her incredibly genuine vocal range.

The melody (created by Brooklyn production duo, Noise Club) is misty, shadowy and crisp, all of which complements B.Miles‘ voice perfectly.

“Let go, let go and place it on my skin
Touching isn’t enough, make things I shall not forgot
I let you, I let you in the dark to fade”

‘Nine Matches’ is the first single from B.Miles‘ upcoming EP, so keep your ears peeled for the project, because if it contains more dark-pop of this caliber, then it’s sure to be a good one.