Are You Down For Ta-ku and Alina Baraz?

Perth's legendary artist/producer/photographer/creative extraordinaire Ta-ku has been putting together impressively emotionally themed works for some time, and his most recent one, "Songs To Make Up To", had on it an entire tracklist of tunes evoking all of the emotions you’d expect a work with that title to have. Unfortunately, we were without one particular cut from the standard body of tracks, and it might be the best one of them all. Check out the Spotify-exclusive 'Down For You' featuring Alina Baraz; co-produced by Atu.

Once again, Ta-ku has delivered a rework on one of his own tunes. Much like #SongsToBreakUpTo where he gave us an instrumental tune, he also provided a different version with the vocal stylings of Ebrahim. The songs showcased on “Songs To Break Up To” were ‘Healing (Hope You’re Well)’ and ‘Descent’.

I guess he found that that particular formula worked out because he’s done it again on his latest EP, “Songs To Make Up To”; with the instrumental being ‘Long Time No See (ft. Atu)’; and then giving us an exclusive flipped version featuring the soft, seductive and simply gorgeous vocals of Alina Baraz.


‘Fall into you, you’re like a maze
Can you hear me? You’re stuck in your ways

Before you go, I want you to know that
I’m down
Down for you
For you
For you
For you

Are you down for me?’

‘Down For You’ was produced by both Atu and Ta-ku… I mean, what can I say? These two together can do no wrong. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until it becomes a reality: these two talented producers need to collaborate on an entire EP/record together. FAST.

Enjoy the tune above.