Alessia Cara Takes On T-Swift and K.Dot

Alessia Cara is 18 years young and currently has the music world buzzing about her warbling voice and brilliant covers - well one, in particular. With an acoustic cover of the video version of 'Bad Blood', you know you're onto something great when you get the Ms Swift's approval, right?

It’s about time you all took notice of Toronto teenager, Alessia Cara because she is currently making waves in the US and playing shows in the UK.

But wait, who is Alessia Cara?

The 18-year old Canadian Def Jam signee is definitely showing potential for an artist with star power, and her cover of Taylor and Kendrick’s version of ‘Bad Blood’ for BBC Radio 1 should definitely push you in wanting to know who she is.

The in-studio performance is sparse with just a simple piano accompaniment holding up Cara’s acoustic guitar and singing and an occasional breakdown comes in the form of finger-snapping.

Seriously, watch it, and try not to fall in love with her.

The best part? Taylor showed Alessia major props on Twitter. And now you officially can’t afford to sleep on Ms. Cara any longer.

Get to know her further via her interview with Sway below and hear her perform two original tunes as well as an uncanny impression of Nicki Minaj.