Yuma X: Swimming Pool

Newcomers Yuma X kicks off the working week with a dose of fresh music via their reinterpretation of a track written by Ghoul, titled ‘Swimming Pool’. If you're not familiar with the original, that's okay, because Yuma X's cover breathes new life into the song with a reinvigorating mix of r’n’b and ambient sounds. Warning: You'll be drawn in immediately.

Australian boy-girl duo, Yuma X, have chosen to reveal very little information about themselves, but a little mystery never hurt anyone, right?

All I care about right now is the fact that they’ve created an incredibly crisp, refreshing sound on their first release ever, ‘Swimming Pool’.

“I’ve been thinking about you.”

So many #feels on this song as soon as you hit play and the female vocals come into play. They really don’t need to do much to impress here, as their gorgeous harmonies alongside the relaxed and dreamy percussions really sets the tone.

But the surprising part is, this isn’t an original tune. It’s actually a remake of Ghoul’s ‘Swimming Pool’.
Who? Don’t worry, I asked the same question.

Nonetheless, I prefer Yuma X‘s version and if this is our first taste of what the duo have to offer, I’m certainly keeping my eye on them to see what they deliver next.

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