Yum Yum: Do You Really?

I was sent this song initially whilst at work, and listening to the sounds of Yum Yum through my headphones immediately had me grabbing my pen and writing down notes on a post-it. Yes, a post-it. For the longest time afterwards, I couldn't find it to share my initial thoughts. But after that panic subsided and I cleaned up a little, I found it - scribbles and all hehe. So click the link above for my thoughts on this sassy and infectious tune.

I’ve heard about Yum Yum through friends for a while now; but to be honest, there wasn’t any single tune that I had heard that really captured my attention and made me sit up to really listen to what they were offering.

Until now.

The new single, ‘Do You Really?’, from the Australian duo had me hearing similar tones of the late, great Amy Winehouse – her earlier work at least – weaving in and out of the verses.

Really? Yes, really.

Featuring Canberra natives The Brass Knuckle Brass Band as well as Felix Akurangi on guitar and Patrick Antonio Torres on bass, Yum Yum brings together gorgeous vocals on top of great production and a catchy hook, creating a sound that blends together the right amount of soul, pop, blues and funk.

And as for that little mix-up towards the end? Well, that just reminded me of some old skool sounds of Black Eyed Peas – you know, the good ol’ days before Fergie joined the trio.? Do you remember those days?

Anyhow, ‘Do You Really’ is definitely a winning sound and a winning tune right here from Yum Yum. If this is the direction that Yum Yum are heading in, then I’m looking forward to hearing more!