The Internet: Special Affair

Steamy. Sultry. Seductive. Three words describing everything that a 'Special Affair' should be like, right? That's definitely the case with The Internet's new single, ahead of their new album release "Ego Death", on 30th June.

Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians aka The Internet are set to release a new project on June 30, entitled “Ego Death” and they’ve given us a funky and seductive teaser of the record in the form of ‘Special Affair’.

Syd uses her smoky alto voice to great effect, hovering above the hypnotising jam like a hazy mist.

‘Cause it’s so rare that I’m here
Don’t plan on staying too long
So you should come here

“Ego Death” will feature Kaytranada, Janelle Monae, Vic Mensa, Tyler, the Creator, and others, with the band describing this album as:

“..being vulnerable and honest. It’s about us growing up as a band and as individuals, and the challenges we’re facing and learning from. It’s about us acknowledging our egos and the egos around us, and using them the best way we know how.”

Looking forward to hearing more from the duo. Pre-order the record now.