Record Review: Jones Jnr – Step on Sleep

JONES Jnr have created a unique sound that makes them distinctive to most other artists trying to 'make it' in the industry these days. What sound is that? One that is a seamless blend of old-school soul mixed with contemporary beats, layering in clear influences of hip-hop, funk and quite possibly, a tinge of pop? Check out our thoughts on their new record, Step on Sleep.

Jones Jnr - Step on Sleep

I was introduced to Jones Jnr a couple years ago when they opened up for the vocal stylings of José James in 2013.

Whilst James’ vocals and performance were of the seductive nature, Jones Jnr brought along a different vibe, but one that was definitely enjoyed by the punters in the crowd, at least from what I remember. It was two years ago. In fact… Yes! I knew I had reviewed that gig. Click here to read my first thoughts upon discovering the duo.

Nonetheless, whilst I haven’t been completely active on what DJ Morgs + Ev Jones have been delivering in between that time, it seems I’ve been given a second chance to see what they have been up to with their latest record, “Step on Sleep”.

Opening up with ‘Feel That Way’, the single is a well-constructed piece of pop and soul which sets the tone for the record, particularly with the added choir. Or so I thought. I felt like the second song on the record, ‘Perfume’, didn’t flow seamlessly with the first, flipping the vibe of the record on its head. A little too early, perhaps?

The title tune, ‘Step on Sleep’ is a dreamy number with Jones’ vocals cutting through the beats and the rest of the production. Can you imagine the vocals acapella for this track? MmHmm. Definitely a highlight for me.

‘Back To Your House’ was another down-tempo number, proving to be the tune you play as the night is winding down into the late hours, or rather early hours of the morning. Whatever you fancy.

Rounding out the record was ‘Never Be Lonely’ and ‘Don’t You Worry’. The former switched up the mood again, making my head nod and my body wanting to get up and dance. The latter, on the other hand, was another delicate number bringing about some deeper emotions and inner #feels.

Stream the record for yourselves here and be sure to download the album via iTunes.

The boys have just announced a run of shows across the country for their first headline tour of Australia in June and July, as well as support for Mark Ronson and they’ll also be appearing on the Sydney leg of SOULFEST. Yes! See you there? 😉