Obey Your Thirst with Drake

Sprite and The FADER have joined forces for a new documentary series titled Obey Your Thirst, in which they will be sitting down with the likes of Nas, Vince Staples, and Isaiah Rashad as well as Drake, whom is the first artist they've chosen to profile.

Aubrey “Drake” Graham has partnered with soft drink giant Sprite and FADER TV to assist in their hip-hop-themed campaign bringing us an exclusive documentary series.

Catching up with OVO’s finest, Drizzy opens up about his passion for the story telling aspect of rap, contrasting his approach to the way others do it by just putting together words.

“Rap music has always been about story-telling. I’ve never seen the sense in crafting a story that isn’t my own.”

Coming up in Toronto, Drake explains, people told him to move to New York if he was serious about making it.

I mean, that’s what everyone says though, right? We live in a world where everyone believes that New York is the place where dreams come true.

Instead, he stayed where he was and made history by proving that if you’re a truly “multi-layered” artist, you can make it from anywhere. “Do it the way I did it,” he says. “Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music*, that’s all it takes.”

*Replace music with whatever drives you whether it be art, writing, design, etc. 🙂

Be sure to stay tuned for additional episodes.