Lianne La Havas Knows ‘What You Don’t Do’

If you aren't already doing so, you should be listening to the music of Lianne La Havas. The return of the singer-songwriter from the UK gathers pace ahead of the July 31st release of her eagerly anticipated second album 'Blood'. And her new single is absolutely infectious. Just listen.

Lianne La Havas dropped another teaser of what her new record “Blood” will be like, with the visuals for her new single, ‘What You Don’t Do’ dropping this week. Yiew!

The song relies on a negative turn of phrase to convey an ecstatic message; and like the video for Unstoppable,’ this clip centers around La Havas relishing in her affection, as she dances around in gorgeous, funky outfits and an infectious smile. 🙂

Her airy vocals return alongside instrumentals of jazzy neo-soul tones and layers of indie folk perfectly placed with raw, self-affirming lyrics.

And it’s her lyrics that always get to me. No matter how many times I listen to her debut record, “Is Your Love Big Enough?”; every time I hear certain songs, the lyrics flow through my earphones triggering past and present memories. It’s a rare and beautiful feeling; one that very few artists can evoke.

It should also be known that La Havas has already caught the attention of Prince, Sade, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, so if she’s been given the thumbs up from these superstars, don’t you think it’s time you joined the bandwagon?

“Blood” is due for release on July 31. Pre-order your copy NOW.