Tyler Touché: Act of God

'Act of God' marks a (kinda) new artist/producer to the music game in Tyler Touché, and one that shows a huge amount of promise. A tune perfect for the dance floor.

Brisbane producer Tyler Touché delivered a brand new tune into the world last week.

Titled ‘Act of God’, it features the smooth vocals of LA singer/songwriter Jason Gaffner, and it will have you hooked to its slinky, nu-disco grooves in seconds.

Tagged as #romance on his SoundCloud, that description is really quite accurate. From the enamoured lyrics to the sweet, shimmering production, ‘Act of God’ is the perfect first taste of introducing Touché to my (and possibly your) ears.

Reminiscent of 90s act Jamiroquai, it’s impossible not to groove along to this infectious tune.

Check it out above.