Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office

The Panic Office, a full-scale exhibition showcasing the artwork of long-term Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood, is heading down under - and kicks off this weekend! Presented by Semi-Permanent and Carriageworks, The Panic Office is touted as an interactive and retrospective exhibition that will take over Sydney's Carriageworks from May 21 - June 6, boasting over 5,000 pieces of artwork in a purpose built 6,000 sqm space. Craziness!

Stanley Donwood - The Panic Office
I read about this a few weeks and then forgot all about it. Then I saw something in my social feed that reminded me about it and thought I should share it with you all, in case I forgot about it – again.

The annual design and creativity event that is Semi-Permanent is on again this weekend in Sydney, but this year, it brings with it a very special art exhibition.

For fans of Radiohead/Thom Yorke/Stanley Donwood, I highly recommend attending this exhibition.

“Semi-Permanent is rooted in this idea of bringing people together physically, in one spot,” says Murray Bell, now the sole curator for the event.

Though the speakers and sideshows change year to year, the premise is the same: “Above all we hold highest this opportunity for a physical interaction with artists. It’s so easy to look online and watch a video, see a tweet. But they don’t become human until you see the little nuances in their speech, or how they stand or how they dress.”

In regards to the Stanley Donwood exhibition, Bell describes the “The Panic Office” as being on a whole new level for Semi-Permanent.

“This is a two-week-long, 6000-square-metre room filled with thousands of pieces of Radiohead and Thom Yorke artwork.”

Curious? Keen? I definitely am.

Check out the details below:

Semi-Permanent ticket holders have exclusive access to “Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office” from Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 May, including the opening launch party on Thursday 21 May, at which Stanley Donwood, guests and speakers will be in attendance.

The exhibition opens to the public Sunday 24 May – 6 June 2015.