Remedy No. 5: Nepal Earthquake Aid

Melbourne’s electronic community has come together once again for a special one-off event with the fifth Remedy fundraising event taking place THIS SUNDAY. A stone's throw between venues, the event will see a host of Melbourne's finest DJs and producers performing through the night to help raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake(s) that occurred late last month. Keen to help out? Click on the link for more info. Sunday May 10 2pm - 1am Section 8 & Belleville

Remedy No. 5 - Nepal Earthquake Aid

There’s no denying it: What happened in Nepal was completely tragic.
To be completely honest, I don’t even know if that word is suffice to what really happened.

But having a friend/workmate over there when the first earthquake hit? That was a terrifying feeling – knowing that she was there to trek around and in surrounding areas of Nepal.. Really scary stuff.

Thankfully, she was in her hotel when it happened and was safe. And now she’s back in Sydney. Phew!

For those who were less fortunate, however, the Nepal Earthquake saw more than 7000 deaths, destroyed homes and cities, and way too many injuries.

To help out everyone that was affected, Melbourne have come together in a way that I know all too well for them to do – as a community to raise funds.

Beatmaker Amin Payne has stepped up to the plate and is curating “Remedy No. 5: Nepal Earthquake Aid”.

“Like many across Australia and the world, Melbourne’s community of electronic musicians were devastated to hear the news of the tragic Nepal Earthquake and it’s catastrophic effects. The community has come together for a special event – the fifth Remedy on Sunday May 10th at Section 8. All proceeds raised will be donated to The Big Umbrella; a Melbourne-based NGO supporting relief to Nepal; Learning Planet; a non-for-profit who have a team on ground in Katmandu Valley and Tashi Gurung a Kathmandu resident who will be assisting in local aid support.”

Suggested donations for entry are $10, and a $15 donation will include a raffle ticket. $5 for every additional raffle ticket and the draw will be on the night.

Melbourne’s finest resident DJs and producers have donated their time and music to the event happening on Sunday, May 10:

M I D F L i T E
Sean Deans
Lotus Moonchild
MzRizk (DJ)
Billy Hoyle
No Name Nath
N’fa Jones
Amin Payne
Bee Ampersand

Crazy-amazing line-up!!

“We live in a time where we often forget or turn a blind eye to a situation we feel may be out of our control. The time has come to change that interpretation and fix the situation. Remedy is the united force of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of electronic music. And together, we’ll help to fix as many of these situations as we viably can, or help at least.” – Remedy

Originally slated to be at Section 8 only, the response has been so overwhelming, that the event will be held across two venues: Section 8 & Belleville!

Yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day, but maybe you can escape the family events for a few hours to donate your time and money to this special one-off event. Kicks off at 2pm.

For all the updates on the event, keep your eyes locked on the Facebook event page.