Mi’das: Too Little Too Late

It's time to introduce you to a new soulful voice on the scene. London-based singer/songwriter Mi’das just released his new EP "Stronger", and recently, he dropped by OntSofa session to give an intimate performance of a new, original tune, 'Too Little Too Late'.

Ont’ Sofa’s mission is to bring quality musicians and artists to your ears and eyes! And that is exactly what happened when the UK music video channel and production company invited Mi’das to sit on their couch.

For those who don’t know, Mi’das aka Miles Davis (Can you guess why his performance name is what it is? Ha.) writes soulful pop music with smooth vocals and guitar-playing to match.

‘Too Little Too Late’ is an original tune which shows off Mi’das‘ strong songwriting skills – it’s very rare when a song can challenge the listener and has you asking questions by the end of it.

Like what you’re hearing? Check out Mi’das‘ new EP, Stronger.

Mi’das has only just been added to my radar and I highly recommend that you add him to yours.