Kehlani: Down For You (Gravez & Nehzuil Remix)

I feel like as a writer/blogger, I've become really critical about what I write and want to share with you all - particularly when it comes to good music. I can often judge how good a song will be (or if it's worthy) within the first 30 seconds. Crazy? Yes, but sometimes when your inbox is overflowing with music submissions and you're a one-woman show, that's just how it's got to be. When I first heard this remix by Graves and Nehzuil though, I was completely hooked. You have to listen to it to understand the way I'm feeling right now.

22-year old Atlanta-based producer Gravez has teamed up with Sydney beatmaker Nehzuil on a remix of Kehlani’s smash hit featuring BJ The Chicago Kid, ‘Down For You’.

What’s intriguing is each of them bring their own strengths to the table: Nezhuil gives the remix a soulful touch, providing keys, guitar, bass, and synths, whilst Graves dives in with drums, organ, synths and strings to give it a bit of a kick, with the collaboration perfectly harmonising with both Kehlani and BJ’s voices.

The result is simply stunning, and will surely have you playing the song on loop for days. I know I will be. Swoon. <3