Atu: Till Then

Are you sitting in silence right now and looking for something to fill the void? I recommend hitting play on Atu's new single, 'Till Then'. It's a gorgeous, haunting and engaging track with ethereal tones and an ambience that simply captures your imagination.

Detroit’s Atu is one of the first producers from the Soulection family that I really took notice of. His debut, “Pictures On Silence” was, in a word – captivating.

It captivated my senses and all the feelings I was going through at the time. And to date, it’s still one of my favourite records.

Having been on a bit of a hiatus since that particular record with a single release here and there, Atu has come back with ‘Till Then’.

The song itself is quite dark and moody, which is also rather fitting to the artwork that accompanies it, and reveals a short beautiful piano melody at the end that I wish would just go on and on.

‘Till Then’ delivers some definite #feels and atmospheric vibes, reminiscent of the music created by such artists as Flying Lotus and Radiohead/Thom Yorke.

Absolutely lovin’ the direction he’s going in with this new single, and can’t wait to hear what he gives us next.