A$AP Rocky: L$D

For the record, L$D to A$AP Rocky = Love, $ex and Dreams. And in the case of this video, the results are more than likely the same - trippy. Very trippy.

Debuting a new song and video at the same time, A$AP Rocky presented the trippy visuals for the track, ‘L$D’, last week.

Clearly a nod to the hallucinatory drug, the video is directed by Dexter Navy, with co-direction provided by Rocky himself.

The trippy video pays homage to a number of films such as Gaspar Noé’s “Enter the Void” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, but the song (produced by Danger Mouse) also features a strong beat switch, which is quickly becoming A$AP’s signature these days.

For most of the song, Rocky is singing, which is fine, as he just sounds like a more abstract, intoxicated version of himself. I’m not complaining.

“Love, sex, dreams,” he croons. “Can you feel it?”

**UPDATE** If you haven’t already heard, A$AP’s new record, “AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP” just dropped on iTunes. Make sure you grab your copy.