MBFWA: The Raffles International College Showcased Their Students’ Best Designs

The Raffles International Showcase returned to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia this year with seven of Asia-Pacific’s emerging fashion design stars. With five designers from Sydney and two from Singapore, each Raffles designer showcased a 10-piece ready-to-wear collection for Spring-Summer 15/16.

“The runway show celebrated the most promising alumni from Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney, and Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore. Five of the up-and-coming fashion talents were graduates from Raffles Sydney while their two counterparts were from the Raffles Singapore campus.

“Raffles is the only international college to show at MBFWA 2015; and has been a part of the annual event since 2011.”

The Raffles International Showcase designers from start to finish were:

  • Sara Aljaism (Self-Titled) – Sydney

Gowns, gowns, nothing but gowns – well except for one. But they were all very pretty gowns! Sara Aljaism‘s designs showed traditional couture techniques combined with timeless femininity and modern wearability through sheer panelling, thigh-high splits, backless designs, and delicate detailing.

  • Cynthia Fransisca (Self-Titiled) – Singapore

Cynthia Fransisca is an up-and-coming designer from Singapore. Her collection drew upon darkness, elegance, and modernity with interesting fabric manipulation, which along with her attention to detail, really set her designs apart from the crowd.

  • DE LA MOTTE by Anne de la Motte – Sydney

Although Anne de la Motte designs for both men and women, she chose to only showcase the men’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia this year. It was probably a nice change from seeing only womenswear dominate the runway at other shows, but the designs themselves? The colour palette was strongly connected to her rural roots shown through the rich and earthy colours, with simple shapes and lots of multi-layering.

  • 580 by Matiny Ng – Sydney

Matiny Ng sent both males and females down the runway in designs which showcased a coordinated palette of colours, textures and printed patterns. Ng’s collection was playful, bold, and wearable (if you were game); using a circle and square motif.

  • Iven Teh (Self-Titled) – Singapore

Iven Teh’s collection was quite possibly my favourite from the Raffles International Showcase – definitely in the top 2. The Singapore-based designer used Watteau pleats, folds and gathers to brighten up the runway, and creating strong, fearless figures through his designs. His high-level skills of tailoring, constructing and deconstructing garments were evident.

  • Asanovski by Fatima Eunji Asanovski and Azize Eunmi Asanovski – Sydney

I spotted both designers whilst standing in line for the show and you could just tell that they were designers. The way they were dressed immediately clicked for me that they were the talented sister-design-duo behind Asanovski. Every piece was ready-to-wear (or ready-to-add to my wardrobe! ;)) shown through their use of clean lines, precise tailoring, intricate textures and fabrication. Asanovski‘s collection was the second contender in my top 2 from the Raffles International Showcase.

  • ANY STEP by Amy Le and Stephanie McGuigan – Sydney

ANY STEP showed us a contrasting collection of designs – going from soft and pretty to tough and fearless. Think of a pretty palette of pastel pinks and purples, with gold, silver and maroon mixed with buckles, spikes and leather.  Not sure what the theme or inspiration was behind their collection, to be quite honest. Whilst there seemed to be a harmonious flow of feminine pieces in the beginning, something entirely different would walk down the runway to distract and interrupt that flow. An intentional move? Maybe.

*Video by Raffles – College of Commerce and Design.