MBFWA: New Generation Designers Show Us What They’ve Got

The fashion industry is cut-throat. It's all about hustle, hustle, hustle - even if it's just to grab a seat in the front row. This particular show was an exciting one - seeing six young female designers show their collections down the runway And although I was meant to be sitting in the third row, the front row still had a few empty seats, so when the announcement came that the show was about to start and that we could fill in any 'empty seats', the scramble to get to the front was cray cray.

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Mariam Seddiq

It was an all-female line-up announced for the New Generation show presented by St George Bank. Woohoo! #femaleempowerment

The six go-getters include Casper&Pearl‘s Stacey Hendrickson, House of Cannon’s Annie Cannon-Brookes, Vanessa Moe, Mariam Seddiq, Misha Collection‘s Michelle Aznavorian and POL‘s Sam Jones.

“The St. George New Generation Designers Showcase is an internationally recognised and prestigious launch pad for up and coming Australian fashion designers. The event showcases their latest collections to Australian and international buyers and audiences, media and influential fashion identities within the industry.”

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Mariam Seddiq-2

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Mariam Seddiq-3

Opening up the show was Mariam Seddiq, a Sydney based Couture and Jewellery Designer. Seddiq’s palette of designs was dominantly black and white with subdued tones of purple and grey here and there. Her design aesthetic is a juxtaposition of structured tailoring, fluid drapery, sheer panels and tasteful hand embellishment, which showed off a tribal flare.

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Mariam Seddiq-4

Next up was CASPER&PEARL, whom I was quite blown away by. Using pops of bright, funky colours mixed with printed florals, her designs celebrated the female body and definitely stood out amongst the other designers.

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Casper&Pearl

22-year-old Stacey Hendrickson is a self-taught designer and started CASPER&PEARL when she was just 18. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Hendrickson presented her A/W collection ‘Abracadabra’, which is about ‘everything magical and a bit creepy’.

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Casper&Pearl-2

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Casper&Pearl-3

House of Cannon was up next, and her designs (filled of flowing printed dresses) are best shown via video. House of Cannon is known for its vibrant use of colour, drawing inspiration from locations around the world. Each piece definitely showed to be a conversation-starter.

MBFWA: St George New Generation Designers Showcase – House of Cannon from the5to9life on Vimeo.

Misha Collection‘s Michelle Aznavorian showed off their new Spring 2015 collection down the runway that day. The collection would have been fit perfectly into any of the Kardashian sister’s wardrobe – seriously. Think figure-hugging, skin-baring, neutral pieces.

MBFWA - St George New Generation_Misha Collection

Vanessa Moe could have had a really successful show, in my opinion, but the head-pieces she accessorised with her stunning minimalist collection took the spotlight. A selection of models charged down the runway in masks and headpieces that looked remarkably like sheets of plastic blowing against their faces.

And if it wasn’t their faces, then it was against their arms or their necks. Don’t believe me? Just watch. (Unintentional reference to Uptown Funk.)


POL closed out the show with a collection in a neutral palette that would be perfect for the contemporary woman. POL designer Sam Jones has mastered effortless and functional separates and dresses, with an authentic and easy-to-wear style. Check out our short insta video of the collection.


These New Generation designers are elegant, sexy and authentic. <3