MBFWA: Betty Tran’s ‘Femme’ Collection Dazzled at Australian Fashion Week

Betty Tran was one of the most anticipated designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia this year and her new collection did not disappoint. The femininity of her designs reinforced the designer's inspiration of 'the strength, passion and love portrayed through the modern woman'. Photo by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

MBFWA - Betty Tran

The last show The 5 to 9 Life was invited to was by inspiring fashion designer Betty Tran.

The Perth designer’s collection embodied creations that were timeless, inspiring, functional, versatile and of great quality – all of which made the models women strut down the runway, looking empowered and feeling great about themselves.

MBFWA - Betty Tran-2

Tran’s new “Femme” collection was dedicated to her mother and all the fearless women who have impacted positively on her life.

Check out a quick snippet of the walk-through of the Final Dress of Tran’s “Femme” Collection below. Such a ‘Wow’ moment, right?


Take note of the name Betty Tran because this young, creative, talented woman is sure to be making a massive name for herself in the fashion world.

Cover photo taken from mbfashionweek.com