MBFWA: Jayson Brunsdon’s Newest Collection is Rebellious and Romantic

^^That is my definition of Jayson Brunsdon's new collection, A Rose Is A Rose. And fittingly, towards the end, he made it rain with thousands of rose petals. The proof is in the picture.

At least that’s how I viewed his Spring/Summer 2015 collection as it came strutting down the catwalk earlier this afternoon.

The setting of the runway itself was very romantic-esque; with buckets of roses on each side of a 6-seater bench down the middle of the runway itself. But who exactly was seated on those benches? Only the A-listers, darling.. 😉

But here’s a fun little fact that I learnt about those roses on Jayson Brunsdon’s Instagram after the show: “2000 red roses from my show today delivered to hospitals in Sydney. I’ve been there and I know the wonder that red roses bring! Enjoy the love xxxx” Sweet, right? Such a rare and wonderful gesture.

So what does ‘A Rose Is A Rose’ represent for the designer?
“The main inspiration behind the collection comes from a quote taken from the celebrated lesbian author Gertrude Stein, ‘a rose is a rose,’ meaning, ‘I am what I am.’

Love that!

You probably won’t be able to tell in the above video, but Brunsdon showed 44 looks down the runway; a collection that is raw, rebellious, romantic and chic – mixing the right amount of femininity with masculinity in an expression of individuality for both men and women.