Sarsha Simone & Moar: Gonna Do Me (20syl Remix)

My goodness - I totally slept on this remix. Okay, so technically it's only been about three days since its premiere on HYPETRAK but still. I kind of wish I had heard it earlier so that I could've shared it with you earlier. Oh well, three days late ain't so bad. Enjoy 20syl's remix of 'Gonna Do Me' by Sarsha Simone and Moar. It's a must-add to any playlist you're thinking of creating.

Ahh! I am so in love with this tune. <3 My weekend was pretty full-on so I missed the premiere of Sarsha Simone and Moar‘s ‘Gonna Do Me (20syl Remix)’ on HYPETRAK last Friday, but I’m house-sitting for a friend for the next month and moving being in a new space (i.e. head space, office space, living space, whatever you wanna call it) just put me in the mood to dig extensively through various blogs, Soundcloud and my social feeds.

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve had a whole night to do just that, and I’m so glad I came across this tune last night. Plus hearing Australian soul singer Sarsha Simone featured as the lead just makes it that little bit more exciting. I ADORE her voice! And it’s about time the rest of the world heard it.

She’s got that type of groove in her voice (and sound) that makes you want to turn the volume up – way up. And that’s my suggestion for you when you hit play on the above video. ^^

I promise you that hook will get stuck in your head – but that’s definitely not a bad thing. 😉

French producer 20syl really does his thing on this remix too, combining a heavy bassline with invigorating, retro-tinged samples, thereby delivering a soulful, mesmerising sound with just the right amount of head-nods.