Lupa J: Waiting For Her

Lupa J is definitely an artist worth noticing. The 17-year-old Sydney artist is mature beyond her years proven by her musical experience and her songwriting capabilities. Listen to her new single 'Waiting For Her' and you'll understand why.

Imogen Jones, a.k.a. Lupa J, is a uniquely talented Sydneysider who has mastered various disciplines such as recording, songwriting and producing. Kicking off her career as a classically trained violinist, she is now a contemporary electronic artist and producer.

It’s hard to believe she’s only 17!!

I mean, WHAT?!?!

Don’t ask me what I was doing at the age of 17.. Ahem.

Upon first listen of ‘Waiting For Her’, the instrumentals didn’t sit right with me, but once Lupa’s vocals come in, they somehow settle the score and soothes the mood that I’m in.

Beyond that, as somewhat of a wordsmith, I always take notice of an artist’s lyrics and Lupa J‘s is raw, mature and haunting.

“He is the only book she reads
He is where she finds her words

She hangs from his arms
Entangled in his gaze”

Still can’t believe she’s 17. Damn.