LION BABE: Wonder Woman

LION BABE are back again! The music already speaks for itself, but with the assistance of Pharrell on their latest single, 'Wonder Woman', the execution is absolutely flawless. Teaming up the vocal range of Jillian Hervey with the killer melodies of producer Pharrell Williams, this collaboration was really a no-brainer.

LION BABE are honestly my favourite duo right now.

Their last single was hypnotic and is still on high rotation for me.

Now, they’ve teamed up with the producer everyone wants to work with – Mr Pharrell Williams – on their newest hit – ‘Wonder Woman’. Listen carefully and you’ll be able to hear him singing back-up.

‘Wonder Woman’ is an empowering anthem for all the ladies out there!
A slinky, deep, pop-funk anthem that’s oozing with raw energy.

“I ain’t gonna break for that
I’m a Wonder Woman (watch out!)
I ain’t gonna take all that
I’m a Wonder Woman (watch out)
That’ll get you nowhere
You don’t wanna see what happens when I get provoked
You don’t wanna go there”

The visuals for the Pharrell-produced tune is essentially a ’70s intergalactic movie, set in an alternate universe, as we see the band strutting their stuff as intergalactic superheroes. Whilst vocalist Jilian Hervey takes on multiple roles throughout the video, I think it’s safe to say that she is truly a lioness in human form. Gorgeous!