KOOKAÏ Brings the Bright Lights of Las Vegas to Melbourne!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.. right? That was not the case last week when The 5 to 9 Life was invited to see the new Autumn/Winter KOOKAÏ collection walk down the runway. For one special evening, KOOKAÏ brought 'Viva Las Vegas' to us! Photography by Jess Brohier.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Review

As crazy as this may sound, I LOVE flying. Short trips, long trips – it doesn’t really bother me. It’s that unknown prospect that’s waiting for you at the destination when you arrive. You never know what could happen on the other side, you know?

This particular trip was a whirlwind. I know, I know, the limited amount of time and the flying back and forth can be exhausting (and I definitely felt it this time around), but the main event is always what excites me most and in the end, it really is all worth it.

Last week, I was absolutely ecstatic to jump on a plane to attend “KOOKAÏ’s Autumn/Winter Runway Show” in Melbourne. I mean, how could I not be excited?! Plus, any chance to visit my home away from home is an extra bonus. 😉

On top of that, having the chance to work with a photographer whose work I’ve been admiring for the past few months was just the icing on the cake!

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Backstage

As Jess and I arrived at the venue at around 7pm, we were feeling excited to what we would be welcomed with as we walked into Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building.

If you’ve ever been inside the iconic venue, you’ll know how massive the space is and although KOOKAÏ used most of the space for the show’s set-up and the backstage areas, there was still a lot that could have been used.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Backstage2
KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Backstage3

We were privy to some exclusive backstage access watching KOOKAÏ’s models in hair, make-up and just hanging out and having fun. And from an insider’s perspective? They were all babes! Most were in their “off-duty” outfits preparing to go into hair and make-up; some were taking test shots for the cameras, whilst others were just sitting around reading, eating and chatting amongst themselves. Nothing too crazy to report there.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Sneak Peek

BUT we were, however, lucky enough to steal a sneak peek of the collection before it came strutting down the runway at 9pm. And from what I saw, all I could think of was:
these clothes have sophistication written all over them!

Think: Chic. Bold. Dramatic. Soft. Feminine. Confident. Refined. Pastel. Modern.

As Jess and I explored on our own, I walked around backstage thinking about all the hard work that goes into creating such a major event. As I stood backstage amongst the display of clothes, accessories and shoes, I noticed that every outfit was placed and marked down to every little detail according to which model was wearing what; how their hair and make-up would complement; and which accessories would match. Oh, and of course we can’t forget the shoes! Phew!

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Backstage4

8pm rolled around and the public were starting to trickle in, taking advantage of the free alcohol or grabbing a few canapés whilst we waited for the show to begin.

Seeing that it was my first KOOKAÏ event in Melbourne, I was weary of who I would see in the crowd – or what they were wearing. Admit it. If you were there, you would be looking at all the outfits too. It’s in our nature, isn’t it? Honestly though, it really did feel like we had just stepped onto the set of “Gossip Girl” and somewhere amongst the crowd was a ‘Serena’ or a ‘Blair’.

Hot – and I mean, sexy! – waiters brought out trays of food (mostly made-up of raw ingredients, which Jess and I secretly referred to as ‘no-carbs’ canapés haha!) and kept topping up our glasses of French champagne. Mmm.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_Goodie Bags

As the lights went dim and a random voice announced that the show was about to begin, we realised after one too many top-up’s that the “KOOKAÏ A/W15 Runway show” was about to commence and we quickly rushed over to find our seats and to grab our free goodie bag before someone else decided to take it! Side Note: This season, there were two different goodie bags. Whilst most of the freebies from the sponsored brands were the same, the featured gift from KOOKAÏ was either a clutch or a jewellery piece. Very nice.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show

The lights shone bright (Like a diamond? Just kidding.) and the music started pumping as the first few looks came down the runway. Like I mentioned before, KOOKAÏ’s‘s A/W 2015 Collection is rather fancy and sophisticated.

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_2

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_3

Channelling the ’50s and ’60s, the collection revives past monochromatic Winters with bold hues of cobalt and mulberry, mixing them with soft pastels and grey tones. Textures were featured with animal prints, jacquard, woven, embossed and perforated leather, tweeds and felts all making an appearance, all of which also extended through to their accessories range!

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_4

I have to say, since I’ve been attending the runway shows during the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that KOOKAÏ manages to surprise us every season with new and stunning designs. This season, the collection featured feminine silhouettes, longer lengths, fashion forward fabrications, structured styles, clean lines, boxy shapes, as well as voluminous and tailored outfitting.

Kudos to Creative Director and Co-Founder, Danielle Vagner, for that!

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_5

KOOKAÏ AW15 Runway Show_6

*All photos captured by Jess Brohier.
Check out more of her work here and here; and be sure to follow her on Instagram too! 🙂

*Special thanks to KOOKAÏ and Two Birds Talking.