What Happened at Field Day 2015?

After all my social spamming, you should already be aware where I was on on the first day of 2015 - but for those of you who have been living under a rock, I managed to make my way through 30+ degree weather to spend the day at Sydney's The Domain for FIELD DAY. Yessir. Peep the above photo to read about what went down.

Field Day 2015

Do you even remember how you brought in the New Year?

As I’ve repeated over and over leading up the the first day of 2015, I was at Sydney’s The Domain for FIELD DAY.

Trying to escape the scorching heat, I deliberately showed up later in the afternoon just after 2pm hoping to get a great spot for the 3pm act at the Centre Field: Salt-N-Pepa; but standing in the sun for only 10min made me want to find some shade immediately. Luckily, with the Media Pass, I was able to access the VIP areas so I grabbed a spot with a little bit of leverage within the VIP Viewing Deck that provided me with some shade. Not much, but it was better than being in the actual pit. I’m too old for that ish.

Whilst all three ladies made it to the stage; it wasn’t the Salt-N-Pepa “experience” I was expecting. Because 85% of the audience at FIELD DAY was made up of kids procreated in the 90s, the hip-hop trio catered to this very fact with Spinderella playing a lengthy mix of club hits that weren’t originally written by Salt-N-Pepa.

Field Day 2015 - Salt-N-Pepa

Sure, we heard the radio hits of ‘Shoop’, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, ‘Gitty Up’, ‘Whatta Man’, and ‘Push It’; but as an actual fan of their music, I did not want to be hearing the likes of Beyonce, DMX, Lil Jon, House of Pain, and Michael Jackson coming out of the speakers for most of the hour. Not that these aren’t great artists, but this is is not what I came to see. A little disappointing to be quite honest.

Strike One.

Adding to the disappointment, Joey Bada$$ was due to perform right after at 4pm but 30 seconds into the first song and he disappeared off the stage. His DJ “kept it real” and told us his voice was way too damaged to perform; which was quite obvious if you were there, but that was a whole hour/set wasted. But I guess punters took this as the perfect opportunity to go the bathroom or load up on drinks/food.

For me? Strike Two.

Field Day 2015 - Danny Brown

Next up was Danny Brown. We were advised minutes before he was due that his voice was fine and he was raring to go so that was the first good sign for punters. I’ve seen Danny Brown perform before – his first time in Australia, actually, for the Vivid Festival in 2012 and his energy was just as thick this time around as it was back then.

It’s safe to say the crowd went pretty crazy for him as he delved into his hits including ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘Dip’, running back and forth, and all over the stage to hype up the crowd.

Field Day 2015 - Just Blaze
Photographed by The 5 to 9 Life.

I stuck around afterwards for a bit to catch Just Blaze‘s set of his own productions of hip hop anthems for the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, Rick Ross and Cam’Ron, just to name a few.

Being a shorty is a massive disadvantage when going to see live music. Seriously. BUT there are some advantages to it.. like being able to get to the front of a live act.

Field Day 2015 - Kaytranada
Photographed by The 5 to 9 Life.

And that’s exactly what happened when I ran over to the Left Field to catch Kaytranada‘s live set in time. Personally, Canada’s Kaytranada was the ‘Act of the Day’. He had everyone dancing to every single song he played, blending in his original work and popular remixes including Janet Jackson’s ‘If’ and Teedra Moses ‘Be Your Girl’ with some bangers that had everyone in a frenzy – even the security guard showed off some moves!

As I was in the front row, it took me a little while to get out of there after Kaytranada‘s set and because of this, I was able to see the beginning of Jamie xx‘s set running back to the Centre Field to catch RÜFÜS.

Field Day 2015 - RÜFÜS
Photographed by The 5 to 9 Life.

RÜFÜS was a surprise for me. I wasn’t too familiar with their work but I pretty much saw their entire set and by the end of it – at least from where I was standing – it pretty much looked like the entire sold-out crowd of FIELD DAY was there to see RÜFÜS perform – just look at the photo above for proof.

The energy of the crowd singing and dancing along to the Sydney band’s performance was absolutely insane, but also very infectious!

As the sun went completely down and darkness filled the sky, SBTRKT took to the stage and dropped their first track ‘New Dorp, New York’, set to a background of a marginally terrifying masked werewolf. But the lack of sing-a-longs from the audience showed an obvious disconnection between the artist(s) and the punters. Perhaps by then everyone was just too drunk or too tired?

All in all, it was a pretty fun day.
Despite being sunburnt, and feeling way too old to be there amongst the hipster crowd, the stellar line-up of FIELD DAY this year outweighed all of the above.
Definitely the best way to kick off 2015.

Happy New Year yo!

*Photography provided by Fuzzy Australia, unless otherwise noted.
Special thanks to Fuzzy Australia.
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