Elhae: Halfway Love

It's been a minute since I've been really excited to write about an artist, but all that is about to change with the introduction of Atlanta's ELHAE. To have every song on your Soundcloud page be a hit, doesn't it make you want to know more about an artist/person? That was definitely the case when I heard the sounds of ELHAE.

ELHAE is an artist I was recently introduced to via a Soundcloud repost from Sango.

Yep, it pays to do some digging of the artists that you follow to see what they’re currently bumping. I have spent many hours on Soundcloud doing just that, and ultimately, have discovered a handful of new artists and so much good music!

Some artists I’ve written about; some I haven’t – usually because their page hasn’t been updated in a while.

As for ELHAE? He’s really impressed me with his recent releases on his Soundcloud page.

The last three songs on his page is the unveiling of what we can expect from his upcoming EP, “AURA”, which is due for release on February 3rd. Not too long to go for you to wait – just a few days, in fact.

ELHAE (aka Every Life Has An Ending) is an artist that needs to be exposed and that is exactly what I’m doing right now: exposing him as an artist to you because his creations need to be heard.

Sampling Michael’s Jackson’s classic hit Rock With You and blended in singing, rapping and smooth production, ‘Halfway Love’ is surely to be a frontrunner for 2015’s top releases.

I know that’s a crazy claim since we’re only a month through the year, but that’s how strongly I feel about this song, as well as the other two he’s released from his EP. I highly recommend checking out Sam and Drive Me Crazy to see why I’m so excited to write about his work.

If there’s any inkling that you’re on the same as page, make sure you check out “AURA” when it drops next month.