DECODED: GoldLink – Sober Thoughts

DMV rapper GoldLink breaks down 'Sober Thoughts', his standout track from producer Kaytranada’s “Whatever" mixtape; revealing verse by verse the true meaning behind his lyrics and performing the hook in such a raw setting.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to catch GoldLink live over the New Year when it was announced that he was the special guest at Kaytranda‘s sold-out side show in Sydney a few weeks ago. Honestly, it was such an exciting live set. I know 2015 has only just begun but that particular show is already a highlight for me. 🙂

It’s fitting that he was on the same bill as Kaytranada too (along with Loupeez and UV Boi) because it was Kaytranada that produced his hit song, ‘Sober Thoughts’, which has been broken down via this video from Life + Times’ “Decoded” series.

It’s pretty rare these days to have an artist perform their tune verse by verse in such a raw and intimate setting – acapella – and explain every little nook and cranny of the songwriting process to the wider audience. It’s such a great insight to hear the story behind the song and why GoldLink chose to take ‘Sober Thoughts’ into that particular direction.

Really loving this insider story (so to speak) with the young cat that is GoldLink.

Hit play above to check it out for yourself, and listen to the complete song below.