Childish Gambino: Sober

Danny Glover.

Whether you know him better through music as Childish Gambino or as Troy Barnes in “Community”, it’s obvious that this guy has many layers to him.

And we get to discover a little more in his new music video for ‘Sober’, a track featured on his EP, “Kauai”, released last October.

Like most of his clips, Childish plays the protagonist, trying to woo the girl. But this setting is actually leaning towards reality rather than fantasy.

As the clip continues, you’ll see that the girl isn’t really trying to be around Childish… especially when he appears to be far from sober, if you know what I mean. 😉

Make sure you watch it ’til the end! ‘Cause those dance moves that Childish pulls out? WOW.

But seriously, some guys will try anything to woo the girl. Just ask any girl you know. I’m confident she’ll have a story or two to share with you.