Oisima Ft. Mei Serasati: Sun of Truth

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't even know who Adelaide-based, eccentric producer Oisima was, but after seeing him live at Melbourne Music Week, all of that has changed. Oisima has spent the majority of 2014 working on his debut album, 'Nicaragua Nights', and after signing with Create/Control records, he has released the single ‘Sun Of Truth‘, which features the astonishing vocals of Mei Sarasati.

A few weeks ago when I caught Joe Kay at the closing event of Melbourne Music Week, I showed up a little early and I’m glad that I did because in doing so I was introduced to the live performance of Adelaide’s Oisima.

Alas, I showed up halfway between his set, but from what I did see, all I can say about his live performance is that Oisima is crazy-amazing on the MPC! I’m always impressed when an artist can perform live – and do it well. Usually, I will listen to an artist’s music organically through their Soundcloud/Bandcamp/etc and once I fall in love with their creations, I wait patiently for a live show to be announced.

This time, we’ve taken a 180 degree turn and after catching Oisima at MMW, it prompted me to make a mental note to check out his music when I got home. And today, I’m happy to share his new single, ‘Sun of Truth’ with you.

As we head well into the Summer season this month, Oisima‘s production of jazz, (contemporary) soul and hip-hop mixed with Middle Eastern influences is laced seamlessly with Mei Serasati’s elysian vocals, and is sure to send you into a trance of good vibrations and funky feelings. ‘Sun of Truth’ is perfect to groove along to against Australia’s sunshine, and is a definite addition to any Summer playlists you might be thinking of creating for the upcoming party season.

What I love even more about this particular single is that it is also introducing us to the vocal stylings of Perth’s Mei Serasati. <3